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Med Health TV - India's first vernacular health education channel

Med Health TV- a Android based App and a popular YouTube Channel with more than 100,000 hits is a creation of Shram Studios.  With this, Med Health TV becomes India's first vernacular Health education portal, creating hundreds of local language health education videos in languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Kannada and Telugu.

With byte sized videos, and animation that a layman can understand, Med Health TV bridges the digital divide and empowers the common man with information he or she can employ in every day life.

Shram Studios develops android based app for senior citizens

Shram Studios develops an Android based app for the safety and wellbeing of senior citizens. This app can be used to send out an alarm to a loved one or a predetermined caretaker in case the laser system trips and detects that a senior citizen has fallen down in the bathroom and unable to get up.


Joey Roth's Ceramic Speakers
Joey Roth's Ceramic Speakers

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